Window Box Ideas

Spring Window Box Ideas

 Springtime Window Box

  If you love flowers, you probably like to fill your house with all types of plants ranging from local to exotic, flowers to fruit plants, and potted plants to vines....

Summer Window Box Ideas

Fourth of July Window Box Idea

So if you’re new to window boxes and are going through your first summer there are a few things you need to know...

10 Fall Window Box Decorating Ideas

Fall and Thanksgiving Window Box Displays

 1. Little Pumpkins and Squash. This is a super quick and easy way...

Winter Window Box Ideas

Christmas Window Box on Railing

When it comes to window boxes in the winter most people tell me that they simply empty out the window boxes and stow them away in their garages...

Window Box Photo Gallery

Copper Patina Window Box in European Cage

 Welcome to our window box gallery of images.  We are constantly adding pictures of window boxes so check back often.  If you'd like to include...

Window Box Centerpieces

Window Box Centerpieces

 There are many ways to decorate and plant a window box.  One of my personal favorites is to use a centerpiece.  For longer boxes I will often have multiple tall plants...

8 Hanging Vines and Flowers that are Great for Window Boxes

Window Box Hanging Vines

Sweet potato vine is a classic winner.  This vine can often last multiple seasons from spring all the way through fall...

15 Flowers for Window Boxes

15 Flowers for Window Boxes

When it comes to planting window boxes you typically want to use a combination of tall flowers in the back, dense flowers in the middle, and hanging flowers in the front...  

How to Create Privacy on a Deck or Porch With Railing Planters

Privacy Planters on Low Railings

Planters on a railing are a great way to add privacy to a railing since they are fairly cost effective and can be made to fit on your rails.  They can add height...

Using Planters Instead of Railing to Complete Your Porch Space

Front Porch Planters Instead of Railings

The use of planters instead of fences can sometimes be a cost effective and easy solution to completing a deck...

Planters for Balconies and Porches

Balcony Planters

 I speak with people living in apartments every day and one of the questions I get is how do I created a "yard" on my balcony...

10 Unique Planter Box Ideas

Planter Box Ideas

10 Different Unique ideas for using planters such as on railings and mailboxes and at weddings and....

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PVC Window Boxes

PVC Window Boxes

Wrought Iron Window Boxes

Wrought Iron Window Boxes

Planters on Railing

Planters on Railing

PVC Planter Boxes

PVC Planter Boxes

Window Box Ideas

Christmas Window Boxes

Christmas Window Box Wreath on Front Porch Planter

Decorating window boxes for Christmas is an often overlooked idea for how to use your window box.  Many times...

Artificial Flowers for Window Boxes

Artificial flowers for window boxes

 The use of artificial flowers for window boxes is a growing trend for people who have hard to reach windows...

10 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Cedar Curb Appeal

 As the owner of Flower Window Boxes I have focused on growing my business through high end curb appeal accent pieces you can easily add to your home...