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Self-Watering PVC Window Boxes

Self-Watering PVC Window Boxes

PVC window boxes can be painted, come in over 30 lengths, sizes, and custom sizes and can be customized with self-watering options.  Over a dozen different designs to choose from.

Wrought Iron Window Boxes

Wrought Iron Window Boxes

Wrought Iron Metal Window Box Cages come in 6 unique designs each with a dozen different lengths and custom length options.  Choose from 7 different liner material and color options and self-watering capabilities.

Planters on Railings

Planters and Flower Boxes on Railings

Railing planters come in two varieties, those that hang on rails and those that sit atop railings.  Each available in 2 popular models 8 different sizes plus 8 different universal hooks and custom hook options and designs to fit almost any railing.

Self-Watering PVC Planters

Self-Watering PVC Planters

PVC Planters come in virtually any size from tall and skinny, to low and long.  Choose from 8 different designs each available in 50 different sizes plus custom sizing capabilities to fill almost any space.

Window Box Ideas for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

 Window Box Ideas for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  Get tips and ideas on what you can do with window boxes for all seasons from decorating to holidays to picking the right plants to get the best flower arrangements.

How to Window Boxes and DYI

DIY guidelines for measuring, installing, and planting window boxes.  Learn everything you need to know to get started with your first window box and then how to become an expert.

Flower Window Boxes, Shop Window Boxes, Planters, and Rail Planters

Shop Window Boxes, Planters, and More with  Flower Window Boxes, Inc. is a high end window box company with over 1000 window box related products that ship all over the country.

Window Box and Planter Articles

Customers have questions, we have answers.  FAQs and Information.  Our article database has all kinds of information in the window box industry related to project design and concepts.  Learn the difference in window box materials and the benefits of wooden window boxes, fiberglass, plastic, composite, and PVC.

Gardening for Window Boxes

Gardening with Window Boxes, Planters, and Rail Boxes.  Want to create your own window box garden?  Learn the tips to which plants are the easiest and best for window boxes to how to get started with a beginner garden using a simple window box.


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Window Boxes is an article driven website for Flower Window Boxes, Inc.  It serves as an information website with DIY tips and advice in the window box industry.  Container gardening, planting, and landscaping is a growing trend and new ideas are always emerging.  So for this reason we are constantly updating the website each day with new articles and ideas so do check back often.  If you'd like to talk to a window box expert in the industry you can reach Flower Window Boxes, Inc. at 888-505-7715 or visit their e-commerce solutions website for all things related to high quality PVC window boxes, planters, and railing flower boxes.  They specializing in custom, self-watering window boxes with a lifetime guarantee. 

Flower Window Boxes
Flower Window Boxes