8 Hanging Vines and Flowers that are Great for Window Boxes

 Sweet Potato Vine

Sweet potato vine is a classic winner.  This vine can often last multiple seasons from spring all the way through fall.  The leaves are full, densely packed, and hang very far down; sometimes the vine exceeds 10 feet in length even in a window box.

Creeping Jenny Vine

This vine is made up of much smaller green leaves that are packed together and is known to grow very rapidly in the spring and summer.   

Wandering Jew Plant

This vine has purple and white striations on it that hang.  They're great in the spring but do best in partial sunlight so you need a bit of a balanced shade and sunlight area.  A flower box that hangs from a rail usually gets just the perfect balance of sun for this vine to do well.

Pink Petunias

Petunias do well in full sun and they grow very full..  They're super easy to grow and I find are great for beginners.  Plant them in the front of the window box so that they spill over and you'll get a great hanging flower effect.

English Ivy

English Ivy works well next to walls and shade so usually works great for a window box.  Often growing up or down and clinging to a surface, they can even be used to climb with a trellis in a planter.  This is one of the few vines that can be planted in the back of the window box if you're wanting them to climb.


Lobelia is a good trailing purple annual flower that hangs.  They grow well in the sun and summer but require decent watering attention.  It's a good way to add a little spritz of color to the bottom of the window box and can be used as a single accent piece to a well rounded flower box with occasional spacing.

Creeping Zinnia

Creeping Zinnia is a low hanging yellow flower with a black center like a sunflower.  It does well in the summer and fall with a lot of sunlight and can be used with other vines like sweet potato to help accent and add hanging color.

Alternathera Bright Green or Purple Leaves

Alternathera is a great plant for a window box.  It has vibrant green long, tooth-like leaves that contrast with the other green leaves and stems in your window box.  Alternathera also comes in purples which are great for contrast and they will hang over the front of a window box to give it some height.

About the Author

Matthew Buquoi is the owner of Flower Window Boxes, a custom window box company specializing in flower boxes that hang on rails and windows.

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