10 Unique Ideas and Uses for Planters

 1. On a Railing.  Placing placing planters on a railing is now a thing.  You can put them in the front of a house for curb appeal or the back of a house for privacy.  Some people will even garden from their back porch from a railing planter.

2. On top of a Trash Can.  Nowadays at parks it's not uncommon for there to be a planter/trash can combo.  Often the top of the trash can has a potted section for low rooted plants which helps beautify a typically unattractive space.

3. On a Rooftop.  Planters on a roof?  In some city areas, rooftop terraces are a thing and nowadays there is a craving for making those spaces green.  Planters is one of the easiest ways to add nature to a space that is typically full of concrete. 

4. At a Wedding. Using planters at a wedding is super easy.  Two large planters next to the bride and groom as they are being wed is a great idea, especially for a beach wedding where a few props are needed.  You can also make small tabletop planters as well with floral arrangements.

5. On a Ledge. Low ledges that aren't quite high enough can be modified by sticking a planter on top.  Some ledges act like a perfect pedestal for a long, rectangular planter.  This can turn some ledges that aren't meant to be walked on into privacy barricades or safety walls.

6. On a Balcony. Live in the city? No problem, many people who live in apartments don't have yards but have balconies.  You can put ground planters on your balcony to bring nature to your outdoor space.

7. In Place of a Fence or Railing.  You can save money on a fence or railing by placing a couple simple planters on the ground.  Restaurants can even use them outside to define an outdoor eating area and nowadays some companies make planters on wheels for easy moving and rearranging.

8. Under a Window.  Window Boxes are an easy way to add curb appeal and resale value to a home with little or no architectural detail.  They're especially popular in the Northeast where properties and yards are smaller.

9. Mounted to a Mailbox.  Some mail boxes are now mounted with a flower box to give them character.  It's a great way  to say welcome to my home or turn an old mailbox into something different.

10. On a Bench.  Some companies now make bench planters which are benches with built in planter cubbies on the ends so that they can be placed in parks or other city areas and be plant ready.

About the Author

Matthew Buquoi is the owner of Flower Window Boxes, Inc. a custom PVC window box company specializing in self-watering window boxes, planters, and railing planters.

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