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How do Self Watering Window Boxes Work

Self Watering Reservoir PVC Pipe in Window Box

 A self-watering window box is window box that has a mechanism of watering itself for some duration of time.  Many companies now offer...

How to Use Large Planters for Businesses to Add Curb Appeal

Large Line of Planters in a Parking Lot

 Planters are a great way to add plants and foliage to a heavily concreted area.  Not only are they good for beautifying cities, but they can be great for businesses...

Benefits of Plastic Window Boxes vs. Wood

Rotting Wooden Window Box Next to PVC Window Box

 When it comes to choosing a window box material selection is very important.  Window Boxes made from wood is the old standard by which all window boxes... 

Using Liners for Window Boxes

Plastic Liners and Inserts for Window Boxes

 Often when you are planting a window box in a high or hard to reach window you will find that having a liner will be very beneficial.  Without a liner...

How to Measure for Custom Window Boxes on Your Home

Custom Metal Window Boxes 10 Feet Long

 When I talk with customers every day one of the first and most common questions I get is "how do I know what size to order...

European Window Boxes can Add Charm to Your Home

European Window Box Cages

 Europe is famous for it's window boxes.  Walk the streets of France, Italy, and Germany and you'll see a charm...

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Window Boxes of Disney

Disney Window Boxes

 Being in the window box industry I've always noticed the window boxes of Disney at Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida...

Adding Wrought Iron Window Boxes to a Historic Home

Historic Wrought Iron Window Boxes on Stone Home

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Utilizing Planters on Wheels for Outdoor Restaurant Spaces

Planters on Wheel for Outdoor Restaurant Spaces

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Fiberglass Planters vs. PVC Planters

PVC Planters

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Window Box Filler

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Wooden Window Boxes

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Metal Window Boxes vs. Copper Window Boxes


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Indoor Planters vs. Outdoor Planters


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Craftsman Window Boxes and Architecture


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Cottage Style Window Boxes


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