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 Disney truly is the most magical place on Earth.  My wife grew up in Florida before moving to Georgia where we met so when we had kids we adopted her tradition of going to Disney every year with our family.  Being in the window box industry I've always noticed the window boxes of Disney at Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.  They were definitely built by master craftsman and each one is uniquely different.

I've tried to draw inspiration from the European styles and even from Disney!  Although I've been to Disney now over a dozen times, each time I go I play a game called "spot the window box" and sure enough there's a new one every time that I never noticed before.  

There is something about architecture and window boxes that is transformative and unmatched.  I would say that Disney's style of architecture falls somewhere in the middle of Craftsman, Victorian, Bavarian, European, and Cartoonish (and that's meant as a compliment!)  

And whoever their groundskeepers are they are brilliant in how the plant the flower boxes.  They almost always follow my three basic rules.  

1. Lots of Color

2. Something hanging

3. Something that stands up tall

It's a simple strategy that has always resulted in my best window box recipes.  Sadly, I have yet to visit Disney Land in California though it's on my bucket list.  There is no doubt in my mind that when I visit there I'll have my camera handy and be on the lookout for their flower boxes and hope to see something new!

About the Author

Matthew Buquoi is the owner of Flower Window Boxes, a custom window box company specializing in high end, no rot window boxes that ship out fully assembled all over the country.

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